PC Game Mordor v1.1 The Depths of Dejenol download

A legacy rpg for the PC from 1995 !!

In The Depths of Dejenol you will create characters from a choice of races, oversee their training in skills taught by one of more than a dozen guilds, and lead them into a mysterious dungeon on a nearly endless mission of exploration, mapping and looting.
Along the way, you will encounter hundreds of exotic and terrifying creatures. When properly trained, you will be able to charm or vanquish them as you see fit.

The original legacy game!

Note - this is a collector's item, the original game and it will not install or run in native 64 bit systems. If you set up DosBox or similar with a Win3.1 install then it can be run in that environment ... but no guarantees!

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5.76MB EXE Download

USD 9.95

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